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WeBill365 with PPCBank platform on both Web and MobileWeBill365 with PPCBank platform on both Web and Mobile
Bill out to customers and collect
payments easily
In bulk.
Assign virtual accounts to customers,
create and send bills to them then
track their payments from any banks. In bulk.
Get paid faster through virtual account
No more customer ID or any complex traditional referral numbers.
Pay faster by just scan KHQR and done.
Making payment through phone camera
Scan KHQR on the invoice from WeBill365 to make payment easily with
Variety of options to send bills to your customers.
Send SMS to customer through WeBill365
Get bills notification
through phone SMS.
Send Email to customer through WeBill365
Send the bills to your
customers' email.
Send bills to customer Telegram ChatbotID through WeBill365
Get notified about bills
via Telegram chatbot.
Forget where you are,
bill at any places.
Manage with the Browser
Manage customers, bills, view real-time payment transactions and check business reports.
WeBill365 preview on  a PC
Manage through Mobile App
Issue and send bills to customers and view real-time transactions on the go.
WeBill365 preview on the mobile
Variety of industries
that will love WeBill365
WeBill365 with PPCBank for MFIs
WeBill365 with PPCBank for Education
WeBill365 with PPCBank for Real Estate
Real Estate
WeBill365 with PPCBank for Telecom
WeBill365 with PPCBank for Accounting
Choose the right plan
fits your business
For e-Commerce (Online shopping, etc.)
Utilities (Water electric supply, etc.)
and Telecom (Home, Internet, etc.)
of billing amount
0.06$ charge per SMS
Free bills delivery method includes email,​ Telegram, and app.
For MFIs (Leasing, loan, etc.)
Educations (School, online training, etc.)
and Real Estates (Condo, residential, etc.)
per one bill
0.06$ charge per SMS
Free bills delivery method includes email,​ Telegram, and app.
* If over 1,000 billing per month, please contact us
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